We at Phix-Pix believe that as we go through life creating magical moments turning them into memories. The journey is often documented by photographs immortalising our youth, special occasions, relatives, pets all preserved in our treasured album. But there is always that one photograph that stands out from the rest that has been loved so much it is now worn and torn and patched with sticky tape. This is the photograph that symbolises that loved one, and now its time to give that image a bit of care and restoration.


Phix-Pix  is proud to offer you our cine to DVD conversion making your treasured memories a present.


This makes an excellent gift for that special anniversary where you can bring your memories back to life, share them with your friends and family either with a DVD or as an MPEG on the Internet via You Tube


At Phix-Pix, we know that pets are an important part of our family life becoming a focal point for family activities, Today, our pets even own whole wardrobes of clothing as well as various accessories and toys. It is fair to say we treat them as our own. So of course, you would want to have their photographs taken as professionally as your own.  we can photograph your pet in the studio with or without pet outfits (Not Compulsory but fun), Photograph them in action playing in the park, or in your home what ever suits you or your pet.


Pet Paw-Traits

Here we have an example of Chroma Key video  but showing real time with Green screen back ground.

This is another audition tape requesting an animated office background with back ground office noise.


What background would you choose?



Using the best of traditional and innovative styles of photography we promise to photograph you with passion and professionalism.

Our hope is to have a personal connection with every client.

When it comes to capturing the memories of your special day

We focus on you!



We offer a bespoke website design service, we don't use pre-built templates, but discuss your requirements with you to maximise your website to match your business.

You will always retain editorial rights to make amendments and improvements to the design through Phix-Pix Web solutions and your business


we are on the same page!


Phix-Pix 360


Virtual photography utilizes specialized photography equipment, software, and technology to produce

360-degree interactive panoramas that allow visitors or customers from remote locations to immerse themselves in to your environment,

An ideal way to visualise your Premises, Product or location.

Photo Identity made easy:


The quality photo will comply with regulations from which ever organisation you need your image for Uk, US, or EU Passports and Licences.


Call into the Phix-Pix Studio we will adjust  the lighting and background in our photo studio and will guide you through the process taking into consideration  all the points listed here (CLICK).


You get to preview the image before we print your 6 images on a sheet and then cut them to size 35 x 45 mm or any other size according to country or visa size.


Phix-Pix taking the worry out of your ID Images visit us for a fast reliable service.


● Passport

● Driving Licence

● ID Cards

● University Cards

● Security cards

● Club Membership

● Bus Pass

● Leisure Sports

● UK, US and E U Passport sizes


8mm cine film brought into Phix-Pix for digital conversion. The original film is a silent movie the sound was added by Phix-Pix.

I Have posted on to YouTube in time for the 50th Anniversary of the Moon landings on the 20th July



Phix-Pix is located inside the Vintage Pig shop.


 The two businesses are independent of each other but work together in the development of a unified customer experience.


For example you may wish for a photo to be restored by Phix-Pix  then Vintage Pig and put it on a Mug or T-Shirt. Phix-Pix can photograph your wedding and Vintage Pig can supply the Hen & Stag T-shirts, and Canvas Print of your Big day.



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