Phix-Pix is owned by Arthur Smith-Weston LRPS, who believes that as we go through life we create memories through photography Arthur’s  (Art-ur) prominent style of photography is HDR (High-dynamic-range) ,As before Arthur was a photographer he had studied as an artist, just like back in the day when photography as an art became available  to the public it was experienced artist that first turned to the media as they were the most practised in the visual presentation of  eye of composition as we see in paintings we now apply in photography today.

HDR images can represent a greater range of luminance levels than can be achieved using more traditional methods, there are several ways of creating a HDR image, predominantly is to take the image 3 times instantly where the first image is under exposed, second image  Mid-Level and the last Image Under exposed, By the Selecting the all three images then producing them in An appropriate programme  that make the best of selective mid tones where you achieve  the artistic results you require.


Here are some examples: