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Chroma Key Photography

Phix-Pix Putting you in the picture!


Green screens are used as backdrops in chroma key photography, which is a process that replaces a solid-coloured background from behind the subject of a photo or video with a new background.

When you watch the weather forecaster on TV standing in front of a map you are seeing chroma key photography at work! You may be wondering, “Why use a green screen or a blue screen?” Because separating a background from a human subject in a photo or video is much easier if the background is made of a solid colour which is not found in human skin tones, like the colours green and blue.


Home photo shoot in your house or

party location in Chroma Key


Here we have an example how Phix-Pix can set up a Green screen  studio in your home or party location. The real  work is in the post production. Our results are only as good as your imagination.


Chroma Key Video


This is an audition tape with dialogue supported by a background by deleting the green screen  back ground and replacing with a graphic  to support the narrative of the presentation.


Look closely at her glasses and see how the Chroma key works through the lens and frame of the spectacles.



Chroma Key Example


Here we have an example of Chroma Key video  but showing real time with Green screen back ground.

This is another audition tape requesting an animated office background with back ground office noise.


What background would you choose?

Chroma Key Video


Another audition tape for popular CBB's programme Little Cook Big Cook, the back ground for this set was designed and created by Phix-Pix paying particular attention to NON product placements neutral branding

Chroma Key Slide Show


Here is a presentation of examples of  Chroma Key

and Phix-Pix fun!..... FUN-PIX!


If you have an Idea we can create it, we are only as good as your Imagination, although our imagination isn’t bad either!